Wall Saw Blades

ProHybrid Series - Wall Saw Blade

Our blades for wall cutting are designed using our W Shape segment which allows for faster cutting and a good service life.  The segments are always welded on the steel core which allows the blades to run in highly reinforced as well as non-reinforced concrete.  Further we use a Hybrid-3D diamond placement system which allows the blade to have a uniform performance throughout the service life.

  • Clean / fast cutting in all material types
  • Bore Type – A is for most machines (can customise)
  • Segments are in 3 layer format for faster cutting
  • Designed to operate in low to high horsepower machines



WELDED- High strength welding of the segments for high performance with or without coolant.


SEGMENT DESIGN (W-U) – Unique segment shape with reduced friction and faster slurry removal.


HIPPED – Segments are Hot Isostatic Pressed for better diamond retention and even bond wear.


HYBRID – DP – Even diamond placement for even wear of the segment throughout the cutting cycle.



Dee Tec manufactures diamond tools for various construction & stone applications using an advanced Hot Isostatic Pressing technology which allows the tools to perform in demanding conditions on a consistent basis. Our new line ProHYBRID has been designed to produce high quality tools for various applications such as wall sawing, floor sawing, core drilling, hand saw machines and diamond wire.

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