All our diamond tools are sintered using the advanced HIP – Hot Isostatic Press technology which is complimented by Diamond Placement, Welding, Segment Design, and Layering technologies. These technologies in turn provide the benefits of faster cutting speed and higher tool life.
HIP – Hot Isostatic Pressing technology is process where the tools experience high temperature and gas pressure allowing for high density products. This in turn allows for superior diamond retention and better mechanical properties giving a consistent high level of tool performance.
We can customise mostly all products as listed for example different segment widths for blades, number of beads per meter for diamond wire, diameter of wire beads etc.
In general we have under a 14 day turnaround time. 5. Which countries can we export do? We export to 18 countries and growing.
As we run an asset light sales system we are always available on phone / email and any other social media platform to provide the necessary service and product solution.

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